Mordisco Group, like a family

We want to be as efficient as a team, but as warm as a family.

As a group of hospitality professionals, we know that the greatest resource is always the door we open: to the customer, to new experiences, to exploration and diversity.

As an integral part of our team, we encourage a continuous learning approach. We believe that the continuous acquisition of skills enriches not only yourself, but the entire company. Everyone’s professional growth is an essential part of our collective development.


Business projects are the basis of our recipe book. We mix in just the right amount of skill and commitment. We mix in just the right amount of skill and commitment.

Diversity is our main course: each individual contributes his or her own knowledge, creating a working environment rich in perspectives.


Diversity is not just something we strive for.

It is what we do every day, between the counter, the tables and the parasols. The wide and varied range of menus, experiences, events and locations is what allows our restaurants to fulfil our dream:to offer everyone their own moment..