Gruppo Mordisco stands out as a continually updated company in the fields of restaurant management, catering, and training.

Our mission is to provide an exceptional culinary experience through a network of high-quality restaurants and impeccable catering service.

At the core of our commitment to excellence lies the ‘Mordisco Academy,’ a section dedicated to training qualified personnel in the field of hospitality.

Within the Mordisco Academy, our team of experts provides specialized courses, updates, and practical sessions to ensure that our staff stays at the forefront in the dynamic world of hospitality.

Covering both the kitchen and service, including the bar, the training is designed to hone skills and maintain a high standard of quality.

The Mordisco Academy not only organizes internal courses but also hosts renowned chefs and bartenders for demonstrations and practical experiences, further enriching the knowledge base of our professionals.

With a constant commitment to innovation and continuous training, Gruppo Mordisco positions itself at the forefront in delivering high-quality restaurant services and training.